Dark Cube Consulting

The Dark Cube Consulting Kft. was established in 2017 with the purpose of colligating, helping and developing the regional and particularly the Hungarian space sector as well as the telecommunications industry.

By doing so, we aim to conduct and organize space and telecommunications related projects in the most efficient way, and also to coordinate the activity of the participants of these projects.

Our company is committed to support and promote innovative ideas, and research & development, as we believe and know that the spinoffs of the space industry affect our everyday lives in a highly beneficial way. For instance, the advantages of the space innovations can be traced in the area of healthcare, engineering, social science, natural science and other fields of science and our everyday lives.

We believe that whoever invests in the space sector and/or in the telecommunications industry, he/she also builds the future of the humankind. In order to answer the most recent and crucial questions (e.g. blockchain technology, navigation systems, the “Big Data” problem or the “Internet of Things”) and to solve the most significant issues (e.g. climate change, energy and communication related problems) of the next generations, we have to utilize the opportunities provided by the space and telecommunication technologies. Our company intends to play an active role in the fields mentioned above.


Our Services

  • Consultation with and coordination between the members of the space and the telecommunications sector
  • Consultation in connection with the creation of a telecommunications and/or a space industrial strategy, as well as drafting, systematizing and conciliating proposals with the members of the national and international space sector and the telecommunications industry
  • International representation related coaching and consultation
  • Providing access to the national and international network of the members of the space sector and the telecommunications industry
  • Advise of strategic activities relating to the space sector and the telecommunications industry, as well as preparation and advise of applications for national and international events
  • Organization of educational events, summer universities and conferences, which promote the space and the telecommunications sectors (e.g. events of the International Space University, the International Astronautical Federation, the International Telecommunication Union etc.)
  • Real estate development and investment related consulting service and coordination
  • Engineering and manufacturing related consulting service
  • Research & Development consulting service


Sectors Covered by Our Services :

  • Space industry and space sector
  • Telecommunications industry
  • Broadcasting
  • Research & Developent
  • National and international support
  • Public policy

Highlighted Aspects:


The space sector is by far one of the most innovative branches of industry; this is why we are engaged in it. This sector means the future for each and every generation.


It is important to emphasize that the space sector covers a lot more disciplines than we might think at first, for example, engineering, medical science, economics and law.


Apart from international cooperation this also includes collaboration between different industrial sectors, which may be conjoined in the space industry. As an example, it is possible that people from the energy; computer science and pharmaceutical industry have to work together on the same space project.

Our Visions

The space means the storehouse of infinite possibilities and innovations for us. During its history, the space and the telecommunications industry have proved several times that it fosters the most significant collaborations at both national and international level.

The results of these collaborations, which are manifested in the signing of the Outer Space Treaty (OST), the establishment of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the moon landing or the operation of the International Space Station (ISS), are indisputable.

The Dark Cube Consulting Kft. aims to support these kinds of collaborations in Hungary, as well as across the Central European region.

The Dark Cube Consulting Kft. is devoted to promote, develop and draw international attention the space sector and the telecommunications industry of Hungary and the region. We intend to serve this purpose with our projects in the future as well.

Dark Cube Consulting Kft.

26 Keleti Károly street, Budapest, 1024, Hungary